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It's always the perfect fit with Agri-Kit

CowPlan are proud to offer the full range of Agri-kit equipment.  This means we can offer a range of all the internal equipment in cow sheds.  This is in addition to the cow cubicles, mattresses and drinkers we have offered for many years.

We now offer an additional range of adjustable four and five bar gates, sheeted doors, wavy top self locks, feed barriers, and much more livestock handling equipment.

Contact us for further details.

Sample of some of the range:
AgriKit - Wavy top self locks
AgriKit - Wavy top self locks
AgiKit Bungee gates
Wavy top self-locking barriers
Agri-Kit adjustable calving gates
Agri-Kit post and rails for race
Agri-Kit adjustable calving gates and other gates
Agri-Kit adjustable gates
Agri-Kit adjustable gates

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