Concrete Kerbs

Suitable for sand beds and Pack Mat

Our Sand kerbs are 1.5m (5ft) in length, 210mm high, 100mm wide at the top and 200mm wide at the bottom, and weigh 105kg. Manufactured with steel reinforcement - top and bottom.


The reason that we have made them this length is to be easier handled, as the longer the length, the less force is needed to crack them if the floor is uneven or rough. We have also cast in these kerbs recessed cored centers with which to bolt them down onto a floor for speed in fitting them into place. 

        Easy to fit - easy to handle - perfect for cows!

Comfortable cows with CowPlan concrete heel kerbs
Concrete kerbs delivered on a pallet
Concrete kerb stones 210mm high & 100mm at top and 200mm at bottom
CowPlan concrete kerb stones - deep beds
CowPlan concrete kerb installed
Installing CowPlan concrete kerb stones
Comfortable cow in sand beds with CowPlan concrete kerbs
Comfortable cows with sand beds and CowPlan concrete kerb stones
Fixing hole in sand kerbs

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