Water troughs

CowPlan offer the Wilson Agri tip-over water troughs  


Studies have proven that cattle are healthier when they have a clean supply of water available to them.  Conventional tubs and troughs fill with sludge over time and are very difficult to keep clean. This Aqua-tip features the simplest cleaning method available. Simply unlock the lock-bar and tip the tub!


This unique design will empty all the grime and impurities from the bottom of the tank. Turn it upright again and it will re-fill with fresh, clean water. The unique design enables them to be wall mounted or floor mounted.


Sizes available:

  • 2m (220 litres) long

  • 3m (376 litres) long


Ask about the new,  galvanised and then green powder coated troughs.  Even better corrosion protection from Wilson Agriculture.


Aqua-tip wall mounted cow water trough
Aqua-tip wall mounted cow water trough
Aqua-tip wall mounted cow water trough
Cow water trough by Wilson Ag.
Aqua-tip wall mounted cow water trough
CowPlan stainless steel drinkers  


The quality of manufacture and design of these specialist stainless steel drinkers is difficult to surpass.  CowPlan offer a small selection of stainless steel, space saving, self cleaning drinkers and fast dump drinkers.


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