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Wilson Cubicles

C50 & Cowcoons

Wilson Agriculture were the first stall manufacturers to offer the high neck rail cubicle in 1999.  Since then they have grown to one of the largest UK cow cubicle suppliers and export throughout Europe.  


Wilson Ag have revolutionised the level of comfort offered with the Cowcoon, hybrid stalls.  

Research based cow comfort


CowPlan are proud to be associated with Wilson Agriculture, and together we aim to maximise the level of comfort and welfare in dairy housing.  There are three options of cubicle available:


1. C50 stalls - all metal cubicle, either post mounted, floor mounted or rail mounted.  These are available in a variety of lengths to suit most installations.


Uglow - comfortable cows
Cow cubicles by CowPlan - #comfycows

2. Cowcoon hybrid stalls - these have a plastic bottom section which flexes as the cows lie against it. These were new to the market in July 2013 and are proving to be a huge success.  The University of Liverpool research found that they significantly reduce the incidence of vertibrae lesions compared to all metal stalls.

Cow cubicles by CowPlan - #comfycows
Red Cowcoons
Red Cowcoons
Heavy cubicle clamp brackets - UC clamps
T-clamps with bolt through option
Heavy duty neck rail clamps

3. Cowcoon-flex - Building on over a decades success with the Cowcoons, in 2023 the Cowcoon-flex was introduced.  These have more flexible plastic to comfort the cows, and yet the key structural points are metal, ensuring longevity and correct cow positioning.  

Cowcoon-flex - I-mount single row
Cowcoon-flex - plastic cow cubicles
Cowcoon-flex - plastic cow cubicles
Cowcoon-flex - plastic cow cubicles
Cowcoon-flex - plastic cow cubicles

Time-lapse video study - these videos show 1 second = 1 minute and are great for studying cow behaviour while housed.

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