AgriTubel Feed barriers

Globally supplied and market leaders
AgriTubel self locking feed barriers through CowPlan

Working with Wilson Agriculture, CowPlan can offer self locking feed barriers or diagonal feed barriers.


In 2018 Wilson Ag started offering the AgriTubel range of equipment.  AgriTubel are one of the leading European manufacturers and are well known for their consistency of production quality through ultra modern production methods.

The key products offered are the full range of AgriTubel Self locking feed barriers.

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AgriTubel self locks (6m with 9 spaces)
AgriTubel self locks (6m with 9 spaces)
Feed barrier coating
AgriTubel youngstock self lock

Feed coatings


Working with local suppliers, CowPlan can improve the surface of your feed passage or feed trough.


It’s like giving your dairy cows a plate to eat off!

We use an epoxy-resin, applied over concrete in the feed passage or trough
• Improves intakes
• Makes it more comfortable for the cows to eat
• Does not harbour bacteria
• Feed areas stay cleaner, as cows are happy to lick food residues from the floor
• Cleaner feed = less wastage
• A clean eating surface is less likely to contain debris, like rough concrete
• Does not corrode like concrete and is up to four times stronger
• Extremely hard-wearing and can withstand heavy traffic
• Can also be used to line troughs
• Very easy to clean. The surface can be power washed as often as you like. But in practice, there’s little requirement for washing, as the cows will do it for you!
• Can be used on new concrete to prevent erosion
• Can be used after screeding old rough surfaces
• Smooth surface makes it easier to push feed up to the barrier, if necessary
• Complete service tailored to the surface being coated
• Very smart in appearance and comes in a range of colours


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Feed barrier coating
Feed barrier coating
Feed barrier coating

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