Cow Brushes

Pendulum cow brush 
- your cows will love it!

The Pendulum brush p-4.0 is the latest version of the AgriCow patented model of swinging cow brush.  It is equipped with a stronger support than earlier designs.  The large vertical spinning brush allows cows to scratch their whole body for a master cleaning, deeper hygiene and fantastic relief from stress.

  • A contoured, full-bodied brush with automatic reverse for even wear and a thorough massage,

  • Superior brush shape, adapting to the cows with improved contact points.

DIMENSION: cm 125X50X175 h
SIZE ROLL: cm 50x100cm
WEIGTH: 94 kg
POWER: 0,75 Cv
ENGINE: 220volt – 50/60hz 110vol – 50/60hz

COLORS: Green, blue or red and white depending on available stock.

AgriCow brush with cow
AgriCow brush with cow
AgriCow brush
AgriCow brush
AgriCow brush
AgriCow brush

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