Maternity pen mattress flooring

Comfort for calving cows and youngstock
    - also perfect for a segregation pen  


The Segregation flooring is a mattress system using the same rubber crumb filled under mattress as the Pasture Mat mattress system has used for 20 years. These under mattresses are 60kg each and cover 1.84square metres each.


These can be installed with the foam layer, or mattresses only, depending on comfort required.


A thick black cover is then fitted wall to wall over the top creating an incredibly durable and easy to clean, comfortable floor. The complete system has 60mm of comfort, and has been proven to last many years. Ideally it is installed in pens up to 3.76m (12ft4inch) in order to avoid joins. These can be as long as necessary.


Perfect for:
    •  Maternity pens

    •  Segregation pens
    •  Bull pens
    •  Horse stables


Mattress floor maternity pens
Maternity pen flooring
Maternity pen flooring for cows
Mattress floor maternity pens
Mattress floor maternity pens
Mattress floor maternity pens - cross se
Maternity pen flooring for cows
Maternity pen flooring
Mattress flooring cut-away
Mattress floor maternity pens

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