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We can offer full consultation, or specific products for your

dairy housing needs.  

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Cow Plan Products:

Consultancy & planning

Plan a cow shed - plan a business

3D drawings

3D building drawings, plans & videos

3D drawings - Beckside Dairy - new unit

Self lock feed barriers & resin coatins


Fans and fresh air 

Cyclone close up 55DD-max.png
Cow mattresses

Pasture Mat mattresses & Premium pad


Galvanised & stainless steel drinkers


White Sodium & LED options

Maternity pen

Mattress flooring

Cow Cubicles

WilsonAg, C50, Cowcoon & youngstock


Improve comfort under foot

Concrete kerb stones

For sand beds & Pack Mat

CowPlan concrete kerb stones
Farmplan whiteboards

Printed farm maps

Whiteboard-Stanley-image large.jpg
Cow brush

Pendulum brush

AgriCow brush with cow 2.jpg


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Wilson Ag logo
CowCare systems
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Magdek ventilation logo
Agri Cow brush logo

Plan a cow shed  

Plan a business

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