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Consultancy & planning

The future of your farm business is worth a little thought!

Cow Shed by Cow Plan
Cows by Cow Plan
How often have you thought about long terms plans for buildings and overall farm layout?


CowPlan likes to work with customers in order to review the existing buildings, and look at future layouts and opportunities.  This ensures that the new building is not going to be in the wrong location, with a view to long term expansion.  It also means we can pre-empt a lot of decisions for future slurry, feed, waste and expansion solutions.


We work on a three part strategy, and can work with you for all or just part of these areas:


1.  Long term farm buildings layout and review.


2.  Design of the new building - thinking about size, space and all requirements for the cows and you.


3.  Building internal details including:


Overall space per cow - passage width, cubicle lengths, cow flow etc.

Cow comfort - cubicle bed details such as sand or mattresses or other alternative.

Feed space and feed barrier design.

Lighting in order to maximise production - ask about LDLP lighting with High pressure sodium or LED lights.

Ventilation - keep the air moving to maximise the health of the animal and protect the environment for the cow.

Water access - design, location and space at the drinker.  Can we offer clean water for every cow at all times?

Floor surface - foot health.  Concrete finish and also consider rubber at high traffic areas, or to reduce lameness.


When thinking about the internals, this can be part of a new building, or a renovation project in existing housing.



CowPlan can offer initial draft ideas, or full detailed plans to help with a planning application, and future business objectives.  We can also help with CDM regulations where necessary. 


Cornish Dairy - constructed 2022
Cow housing by Cow Plan
Cornish Dairy - constructed 2022
Cow housing by Cow Plan
Rotary parlour
Cow housing by Cow Plan
220 cow new robotic dairy in Wiltshire, UK - 2022
CAD drawing of new dairy unit
Cow housing by Cow Plan - 3D drawaing
Cow housing by Cow Plan
Farm layout review - future planning
3D drawings and plans - Take a look at Case Study 6 to see more 3D work in detail.



Consider about the appearance as well as the function

CowPlan like to challenge the current farm building design trends, and show you what others are constructing around the world.


Inspirational cow housing
Inspirational cow housing
Inspirational cow housing
Inspirational cow housing

Plan a cow shed  

Plan a business

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