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Pasture Mat mattresses

The original multi-celled cow mattress

The Pasture Mat is the original Canadian mattress which can be combined with a Premium pad foam layer, to maximise the level of comfort.  It was the first mattress system, created to mimic the characteristics of natural pasture, in order to increase resting times improving cow health.  Wilson Agriculture supply the Pasture Mat mattresses in the UK, and work closely with CowPlan in order to offer the best solutions available in making cows comfortable.


Pasture Mat has been in use on dairy farms throughout Europe and the USA since 1994, the product has been continually improved and refined over this time to give the very best in terms of cow comfort.

  • Increased resting times

  • Long product life (17+ yrs in many cases)

  • Easy to install and upgrade

  • Globally tested and referenced in most Cow Comfort research published.

Premium Pad foam


A high density polyurethane foam installed between the mattress and the top cover. Available in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm thickness.


Premium Pad can be fitted to new or existing mattresses, it is the perfect compliment to the Pasture Mat system.


  • Additional cushion layer between the mattress and top-cover.

  • Less pressure on joints and hocks when resting.

  • Increases comfort

  • Reducing hock abrasions

  • Level bedding surface

  • 5 year warranty

  • Has been in use under cows for 15years

  • Maintains full warranty on Pasture Mat cover using certified Premium Pad foam.


Pasture Mat cow mattress
Comfortable cows on Pasture Mat cow mattresses by CowPlan
Pasture Mat options with labels

Poly Pillow brisket barrier


The name Poly Pillow™ may sound a little misleading, as this flexible plastic arch is not a soft fluffy cushion like we put under our heads. The Poly Pillow™ replaces the traditional concrete or wooden brisket board.


  • Poly Pillow™ has gentle curves that allow cows to step ahead upon rising and then permit natural leg extensions when lying back down.


  • Poly Pillow™ keeps the cow from moving too far ahead in the stalls and allows natural lying positions.


  • The contoured design of Poly Pillow™ significantly decreases the risk of dew claw injury.


  • Poly Pillow™ is the perfect addition to any stall.

Cow extending leg over Poly Pillow brisket barrier
Cow extending leg over Poly Pillow brisket barrier

Latex mattresses


We also offer two thickness of high grade, latex mattresses.  These are most commonly used for youngstock units and smaller cows.

  • 35mm latex foam 


  • 42mm latex foam 

Latex mattresses options
Heife cubicles with latex mattresses and rubber cove

Pack Mat


Pack Mat™ is a rubber crumb filled mattress protected by a top-cover, which is installed below the level of the heel kerb, and below a 'pack' bedding material such as sand.  Its yielding surface does not allow sand to compact, resulting in a softer bed.


In use since 1998 the Installation of the Pack Mat™ system has been proven to reduce sand usage by up to 80%. Many farmer find a saving of around 35 to 50% sand use in the UK.  Studies indicate that only 1” (2.54cm) of sand is required when using the Pack Mat™, compared to the industry standard of 8” (20.32cm). Stalls always look freshly manicured.


The Pack Mat™ helps maintain a consistent neck rail height based on the bedding surface. Research has shown that cows kick up to 22kgs, of sand out of the stall daily. The Pack Mat prevents cows from digging unwanted holes in the stall floor. With no holes, there isn’t a negative slope in the stalls and the stall dimensions remain consistent. This allows the cow to get up and down without struggling, which reduces the stress level of the animal.

Pack Mat™ is economical, durable and low maintenance. This puts extra money in the farmer’s pocket. This is the ideal surface to keep your cows comfortable and content!

Pack Mat installation graphic
Pack Mat installation
Cow lying on Pack Mat with sand bedding
Pasture Mat cow mattress
Pasture Mat cow mattress

Why make cows comfortable?


Cow comfort is important, as the more a cow lies down, the more milk she will produce.  It is shown that 1 hour lying is equivalent to around 1.6litres of milk.   The graph below shows this, and the video below is time-lapse research showing cows entering the stalls quickly and lying down quickly.  Where 1 second = 1 minute in the videos you will see high occupancy and lying times.

Effect of resting time on milk yield

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