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Care For Cows brush

Cow brush

The massage brush, ‘Care for Cows’, was been developed through extensive research on the living environments of dairy cows. The focus was on studying the environment that cows live in, in order to understand cow behaviour and how cows perceive things through their senses – how they see, hear and feel.

Cow brush by CowPlan
Cow brush by CowPlan
Cow brush by CowPlan

Short, rough but soft, texture to allow maximum cow satisfaction
• Durable and strong
• Easy to mount – multiple mounting options
• No running costs, electricity or moving parts
• Cow safe and high welfare to improve cow rubbing and herd health
• Allow cows to exhibit natural behaviour
• Thick and strong corners for precision – this shape makes it possible for the cows to scrub at specific
• Made from elastomer based on polyurethane for long life.
• Easy to clean

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