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CASE STUDY 10:   New Dairy Farm - Cornwall  
HigherTrestrayle Farm, Cornwall, UK
Site for new dairy farm
Site for new dairy farm - during construction


Higher Trestrayle farm had some existing general purpose buildings, but has never been run as a dairy unit.

In March 2020 CowPlan were approached to work with the team.  We were asked to design a new dairy farm for around 330 cows, including dry cows, with space for future options to expand.

This needed to be efficient to run, well design with modern principles in terms of cow space, operator and machinery flow etc.

After several phases of design, including having to change sites due to archaeological issues, we finalised the designs which went to planning.

Planning permission was achieved and the unit started construction.

The new dairy started milking cows in the autumn of 2022.

Designs for Higher Trestrayle farm - new dairy
New dairy farm - sunrise
Feed passage - 3m cantilevers each side
Milking parlour

Cubicle shed:

The unit consist of a cubicle house for 256 cows, with a perimeter feed design.  The feed is protected by large 3m cantilevers.

The design used internal RSJ's enabling smaller steels at the feed barrier.

This is a grazing herd, with smaller cows than some UK units, so the cubicles are all installed at 3ft9inch [1143] centers.  Beds lengths are 2.8m singles and 5m doubles.

Parlour shed:

The milking parlour is a 20/40 herringbone, with handling and segregation options on the exit race.

Alongside the parlour we have housing for dry cows, close group and some straw pens for calving or attention cows.  These all have easy access to the parlour as required.

This side also has a 3m matching cantilever over the feed.


We used the natural topography to allow a 2% fall on the buildings.  With sand bedded cubicles the slurry is all scraped to a new earth banked lagoon at the bottom of the site.

Parlour building and exit area
Collecting yard
Cow cubicles - sand beds
Dry cow area - Cow cubicles - sand beds
Dairy and milk silo

Plan a cow shed  

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