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Calf housing ventilation systems
Calf ventilation tube

Increasingly, we are realising the importance of quality calf housing, when considering calf welfare and longevity.

CowPlan offer Magdek calf ventilation systems.  

  • Single systems up to 35m long

  • Custom tube with multiple hole layouts to latest vets designs

  • Special tube works even with low roof frames

  • Lifetime guarantee on housing

  • Moulded fan housings out perform any other product on the market

  • Tube length easily adjusted with unique Magdek clip system

Calf ventilation tube
Calf ventilation system  - old barn
Calf ventilation controller
Calf ventilation tube
Calf vent air intake housing
Calf vent tube - external housing
Calf vent in housing
Calf vent 90 degree angle
Calf vent tube - with calves

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