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Calf housing ventilation systems
Calf ventilation tube

Increasingly, we are realising the importance of quality calf housing, when considering calf welfare and longevity.

CowPlan offer Magdek calf ventilation systems.  

  • Single systems up to 35m long

  • Custom tube with multiple hole layouts to latest vets designs

  • Special tube works even with low roof frames

  • Lifetime guarantee on housing

  • Moulded fan housings out perform any other product on the market

  • Tube length easily adjusted with unique Magdek clip system

Calf ventilation tube
Calf ventilation system  - old barn
Calf ventilation controller
Calf ventilation tube

Calfvent is one of the most effective, economic, sustainable ventilation system for calf sheds measure by all global standards.

  • Calfvent minimises the occurence of pneumonia and viral challenges in a calf growing group

  • Calfvent reduces the time to first lactation by addressing the weight gain performance in a calf system

  • Calfvent uses American dairy research and recommendations from the respected Dairy Initiative at Wisconsin University. 

  • The engineering detail is reconfigured in Wales to meet the more challenging energy environment in Europe. 

  • The design is then customised by Eleanor Lewis, chief designer to meet the particular requirements of each shed for every customer.

  • Energy consumption and material life is of prime importance.

  • The reliability of the system comes from

    • A lifetime design guarantee on the housing for 20 years, 

    • Multifan high reliability fans with a 3 year guarantee. (Expected life 20 years). 

    • Distribution tubes requiring no maintenance, recyclable, low replacement cost, (Again up to 20 years life possible)

  • Overall cost including operating energy use is guaranteed least cost possible, reducing our customers total operating costs per head before lactation.

Positive pressure  tube ventilation, delivers fresh air to the calves without cold drafts. The system runs constantly, 24/7, providing the prescribed air changes/hour recognised by the European dairy industry. PPTV delivers even air dispersal along the shed and importantly, at a measurable low air speed.

Every delivery system tube and holes size must be designed to suit the age of the animals and the layout of the shed. 

Fresh air replaces the stale moist air,  diluting and removing viruses and pathogens. This helps to keep calves/cattle healthy, reducing the spread of airborne disease. Bedding use is expected to reduce by at least 25%. 

Calf vent air intake housing
Calf vent tube - external housing
Calf vent in housing
Calf vent 90 degree angle
Calf vent tube - with calves

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