Concrete Floor groover - perfect finish for new concrete

  • Maximize Traction

  • Reduce Claw Wear

  • Minimize Lameness


Slippery or abrasive concrete is detrimental to hoof health. Give your cows a flooring they can trust. The CowPlan Floor Groover, has been developed and tested over a long period of time and we are confident in it's performance to offer traction and healthy cows feet.

Concrete float for healthy cows feet
Accu-step grooved sruface for cows - by CowPlan
Float working
Healthy cows feet conrete float
Healthy cows feet grooved surface for cows - by CowPlan
Concrete grooved for healthy cows feet
Floor finish

It is important to get the perfect concrete finish for your cows.  Discuss this with CowPlan and let's look at the options available.

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